fic: let a guy and his sword rest in peace together


naruto | juugo & kimimaro, suigetsu & mangetsu | 8k, set during the edo tensei arc, warning for canon-style zombies

It flashes through his mind in an instant, so used is Juugo to calculating worst-case scenarios: they should run. There’s no best-case scenario here, apart from maybe ‘both escape alive’; they should run, and they shouldn’t look back at Kimimaro—at whatever imposter has slipped inside his dead skin, and turned the whites of his eyes to grey. But—

“Juugo,” says the imposter, courteous as the real Kimimaro. “It’s been quite some time, hasn’t it?”

there are dead men wandering in tea country; it was only ever a matter of time before juugo and suigetsu ran into them.


the fact that kimimaro and mangetsu both came back during the edo tensei arc and yet juugo and suigetsu never got to meet them has been causing me grief for months, so i’ve taken matters into my own hands. to borrow a description from tumblr user spineflorets, this is a fic about horrible people fumbling to get their one chance at closure right, through a couple of post-mortem reunions complicated by mind control and murder. 

here at ao3!

Anonymous: aaaaah ur ninjas rly cute and thank q for the link!!!

thank you! and no problem

Anonymous: you have a ninjasona? thats adorable what are they like or do you have a link for them on hand?

yeah!! ninjasonas are basically just cute ninja personas people make for the narutoverse, everyone just kinda does whatever with them. Every once in a while someone will make a meme for the ninjasonas and some people will draw their little ninja doing something for that meme. idk there aren’t any rules I dont think.. anyone can make a ninjasona and do whatever with them, the ninj link in my sidebar is where all my ninjasona tag stuff goes so if you want to look through that to get a better idea of what the ninjasona thing is than go ahead.  

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DID YOU SEE I added your mei terumi body pillow that your nin gave mine? I was going through my ninjasona tag the other day and saw that post and was like omg I need to add this

in other news when i’m rich and full of free time i’m gonna write/illustrate my own shounen themed comic about a really young runaway fugitive mom and her son