it’s 12:27 am and i havent had dinner yeT

omg i just came back from les fêtes de Bayonne and it was so fun but so gross and I didn’t even have that much to drink but I’ve never felt this out of tune with my surroundings?? like I can’t concentrate on anything for more than like a minute or 2

catfishcafe said: yeah if it sees you looking at ANYTHING anime related it’s going to recommend things in its bank of “anime things,” likewise with other topics. I don’t knowhow it works I just know every time I go to facebook after google facebook just kNOWS

omg whY

we need to get stealthier with this anime thing

eroic said: it’s creepy, I know, but I think facebook and such use your search history… don’t ask me how, it gets weird.

there has to be a way to disable that though, right?? like send an e-mail to facebook telling them to hop off or whoever is providing them with that information.

catfishcafe said: facebook is one of the best I’ve found so far at tracking places you go, like the sites you visit and what you search on amazon/ebay, etc. it’s scary.

that is scary..  but the thing is I never even use crunchyroll?? like I think I was on it a few times last summer to check on the free! schedule if there was like a delay or something, but other than that i’m never on it????

freaky stuff man

i saw some free!/crunchyroll shit recommended to me on facebook??

like HOW did they find out im weaboo trash

rpgsona thing???? sorry i’m super late to this game… My rpg me is a really bad thief (idk theif/rogue is always my go-to class in rpgs) and probably spends more time begging for food than actually stealing any. 


mm yeah ok but sakura in those short shorts and a crop top?? in that new spread, i’m digging it