based off a mountain we can see from our gite in the pyrenees

catfishcafe said: do you have any favorites? :3

sorry for the late response! my internet here is spotty at best

uMmm i’m not sure I have any favorites?? but I just followed this leunfer blog though and it’s pretty sweet

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my first mistake on this website was not following as many art inspiration blogs as possible

I’ve been binge reading french comics recently and I decided I should brush up on my own comic skills

so have some cute girlfriends eating watermelon together

I have super limited internet access so u nerds won’t be seeing me that much this week, sorry!

it’s 12:27 am and i havent had dinner yeT

omg i just came back from les fêtes de Bayonne and it was so fun but so gross and I didn’t even have that much to drink but I’ve never felt this out of tune with my surroundings?? like I can’t concentrate on anything for more than like a minute or 2